Trismegistia – Pagan Music for the mind and for the Soul

Trismegistia is a journey for the mind and for the soul. Mixing sounds of nature and summoning energies from different deities, it is a magical voyage through many worlds.

Trismegistia - Profile

It is a project dedicated to witches. Come and join our journey through our pagan music.

Created by Brazilian producer Daniel Faria inspired and encouraged by singer and actor Jesse Guelfi, Trismegistia is an ode to the Elements of Earth, to the old Goddesses and Gods. It’s first single, Nunnos’ Healing Song, released in February 2017, reached #3 on the United Pagan Radio and remained on the top 13 for more than six months.

Currently, Trismegistia is working on its first album, yet to be announced.

“I would say this is not music to listen to on the go, or while cleaning the house, but whilst taking time for yourself, or to aid in meditation or visualization.”

Listen to Trismegistia

For now, you can listen to 3 singles:

Nunnos’ Healing Song | Hounds of Hekate | Little Crow